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Natural Disasters Relief

By: Georgia Brittan

This year, across the United States, there has been a number of devastating natural disasters…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING


Staff Report: Transportation Troubles


After some discussion, the newspaper staff would like to make a call to action…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING


The Key to Life as a Nursing Student: Balance

By: Brianna Story

            Being a nursing student can be both challenging and rewarding. Because of this…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING


Minneapolis Job Fairs – Take the Trip!

By: KC Proctor

            The job market for college graduates is reportedly larger than it has been in recent years…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING         _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bowl With the Saints

By: Camden Thomas

On Sunday, April 23rd, Presentation College hosted a fundraiser at The Village Bowl in Aberdeen…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING


Looking for Scholarships?

By: Shayla Strauss



What You Don’t “C” in the CLC

By: KC Proctor

Regina DuVal, director of the CLC, may be one of the most valuable – and overlooked – resources on campus…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING


PC Students Help Immigrant Population

By: Levi Peterson

One of the current classes at Presentation College is trying to make a direct impact on the community in Aberdeen…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING




PC Inside Look

By Camden Thomas

           In the 2017 spring semester here at Presentation College, a handful of students were given the chance to freely speak their minds via blogs on the college’s website. The blog is called “PC Inside Look”…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING




A Look At PC’s International Students

By Georgia Brittan

For a lot of people, going off to college means travelling out of the state, sometimes to the other side of the country. But for a small group of people at Presentation College, that journey is quite a bit longer…CLICK ON IMAGE TO CONTINUE READING


PC Saints Get Ready for Graduation

By Lee Lee Tomlinson

Presentation College Seniors prepare for graduation Saturday, May 13th, 2017 at 11 am…CLICK ON TITLE TO KEEP READING