Presentation Baseball Offensive Review

By Trevor Winterton
This upcoming year for the Presentation College Baseball team has been full of new beginnings.
With a talented incoming recruiting class the team is full of young, exciting players to combine
with our experienced returning players. Here is what the offensive lineup looks like for the 2021
Corner Infielders: Louis Martinez (Freshman), Phillip Jourdan (Freshman), Samuel Garner
(Sophomore), R.J. Galvez (Sophomore), Trent Williams (Junior), John Froese (Junior), Colton
Schusted (Junior)

Middle Infielders: Gavin Lim (Freshman), Keagan Niedermeyer (Freshman), Trevor Ball
(Freshman), Zachary Edwards (Sophomore), Francisco Avena (Sophomore), Tyus Stanley

Catchers: Phillip Jourdan (Freshman), Tyler Austin (Sophomore), Zachary Edwards
(Sophomore), Ethan Leech (Junior)

Outfielders: Mathias Gonzalez (Freshman), Tomas Frutos (Junior), Carson Dobias (Junior),
Evyn Booth (Junior), Wolf’Don Thorson (Junior), Kyle Angielski (Senior)

Analysis: This year for the PC Baseball team is full of promising young talent, surrounded by
the experience needed to guide them. As you can see a lot of the defensive lineup consists of
players that are new to PC. These players are meshing very well and there is an evident team
chemistry amongst them.

Summary: Despite having a young squad, this is a great start for building a team. With enough
returning players to guide the new ones, it should be a smooth transition for everyone involved. It is going to take everyone to do their job to be successful, but the players are willing to make that happen.