Quiet Leaders

Quiet Leaders By: Adam White On the surface, an introvert may not fit the image of what many would consider a leader to be. Leaders are often seen as being outgoing, vocal, and open about their thoughts and feelings, but are these traits required for someone to be a great leader? The answer isn’t as … More Quiet Leaders

Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin By: Kilinoe Gora   Saints across campus, from the North to the East, laced up their cleats on Monday, January 29th to kick-off the intramurals tournament in the dome. Teams of eight duked out some kickball action to start the games. The Mystery Gang dominated the event shutting out opponents in … More Let the Games Begin

PC to Add Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country

PC to Add Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country By: Kyle Showalter Presentation College will add two new sports teams starting in the fall semester of 2018. Men’s and women’s cross-country will become the ninth and tenth sports rocking the green and gold. These teams will be joining baseball, softball, football, volleyball, men and women’s basketball, and … More PC to Add Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country

Women’s Basketball—The Battle of Aberdeen

Women’s Basketball—The Battle of Aberdeen By: Josie Clemens   Aberdeen, S.D. – The two women’s college basketball teams in Aberdeen went face to face in an exhibition matchup on Monday, Jan. 15. The Presentation College women’s basketball team lost 54-94 to Northern State University at Wachs Arena during the “Battle of Aberdeen.” Before the game, … More Women’s Basketball—The Battle of Aberdeen

Creativity is Key

Creativity is Key By: Riggs Tann             Standardized tests and exams are dominating classrooms these days, but we can’t lose sight of creativity in the classroom. Students dread going to class where they must listen to an instructor read a power point for two hours or answer a series of questions that they will never … More Creativity is Key