Message From the Editor:

The Saints Press will always stick to its motto: “For Students, by Students”. Our goal is to bring the student body news that we care about, that affects our lives, and that we enjoy reading. The small community of Presentation College is something we take great pride in, and is something that we want to reflect the best we can with not only what we write, but how we write it. Our dedicated team of writers is excited to work for you all.

Editor in chief, Kyle Showalter


Founded on March 31, 2017, The Saints Press is the first ever student run digital news publication at Presentation College. The goal of the publication is to offer the honest coverage and representation of what our peers have accomplished at school, in athletics, and around the community, as well as making a call to action for the betterment of student life around campus. An ambitious group of undergraduates has come together to guide the publication, and aide in its development, in an effort to deliver to you the credit and news coverage that you deserve: The Saints Press, “For Students, By Students”.

– Former Editor in Chief, KC Proctor


Editor in Chief

Kyle Showalter

Sports Editor

Colton Hall


Parker Beastrom, Josie Clemens, Adam White, Austyn Ward, Colton Hall


Deb Scheulke