Indigenous People’s Day

On Sunday October 11th, Presentation College had set aside time for some chalk art to acknowledge Indigenous People’s day. Students were allowed to create chalk art in front of the main building, the art was related to the native culture. October 12th is recognized as “Columbus Day” but out of respect to history, others have made it into Indigenous People’s day. This day is to remember that Indigenous people are still here, still exist, and still carry their culture and language. A day where anyone who is Indigenous shares a bit of their culture with others. Keep in mind that not all Native Americans are the same, there are different tribes that a person can be a part of. Each tribe has different clothing, different diets, language and traditions. That is what makes each tribe so special; not one is the same, some can be similar, but there are key things that make each tribe distinct. Don’t be scared to learn history on Native Americans or ask a Native student (only if they are comfortable with sharing). But if you are curious, don’t be shy to ask questions, and learn more about Indigenous people and culture because, believe it or not, many are still around.  

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