Dome-o, Dame-o, where art thou?

I woke up one morning, opened my window and realized that the grass that I had once looked at
so nonchalantly had been covered up like a lie, as snow continued to fall. If you have lived in Aberdeen
for at least a year, you know that when the snow comes its here to stay. So, say goodbye to all your
favorite treats. Whether its Twist Cone or your brand-new lawnmower, you can confidently place those
things away for a good six months or so. Here at Presentation College, we associate the snow with our
dome. The PC Dome has been up since last November which has never happened here before. Due to
the chaos from COVID (which conveniently lined up with the time of takedown) our dome was unable to
be taken down. The company responsible was backed up on other projects across the country and could
not send their people over to fix it, and the student population who assist the workers went back home
during the start of the quarantine. Because the Dome is not a permanent structure, the city banned
usage for the dome until its time window opens back up this fall. Not to mention the annual repairs it
must undertake. But asides from that, there lies a perfectly good turf field ready to accommodate the
needs of our fall sports team as they close out their respective seasons. I hope for a decision that favors
us, the athletes, and lets the saints fly!

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