In between the Seasons

This semester was filled with loaded stands at the football games, long and muggy summer days with nighttime showers. But something seemed missing. And to no surprise, something was missing; our men’s soccer season.

COVID-19 dipped its toes into a lot of ponds and men’s soccer was definitely subject to the splash. Rather than starting September 6th as originally planned, the first game of the season was September 24th due to a string of postponements. Even through all the shuffle that COVID caused, Senior Captain Nimish Gounder said he believed that there was going to be a season “even though I believed at the time that it probably wasn’t the best idea to have during the fall” and he was not the only one to think so.

The men’s team suffered a loss of numbers to the roster as many players returned home at the start of the season and were not able to return back in time due to travel restrictions. When asked about how to deal with COVID around the team, Captain Nimish said he “leads by example” through these tough times. The captain went on to say “No matter how bad the situation gets, we’re all extremely lucky to be here” very adamantly, as if to say COVID-19 is not an excuse for the way this season goes. This goes for procedures as well.

Although the team has to wear masks for all weight room sessions, there is no access to the locker room and postgame fist bumps are a thing of the past. Nim and company were ready to accept the changes in order to play this season. As seasons complete the change to fall and now begins the quest for winter, there is only two things for certain. Number one; COVID couldn’t keep the mens soccer team down for long, and Number Two; this Friday the Saints take on Northwestern College at 4:15pm in Iowa City. Resilient and passionate, the men’s team has what it takes to be great this season.

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