Radomskiy is Shining for PC, but What Took So Long?

By Kyle Showalter


Baseball hasn’t always been kind to Johnny Radomskiy.

In fact, at times it has been downright cruel.

Growing up, Radomskiy always loved the game. He grew up playing at Big League Dreams Ballpark, a five-minute walk from his house in Chino Hills, California. He recalls countless memories on these fields with a great deal of fondness. His favorite might be one of his lowest moments. “It was the semi-final game, and I gave up a grand slam to my good friend Ty. He still talks trash about it to this day.” It was on these fields that he discovered the game that he wanted to play as long as someone would let him put a jersey on.

This, however, is where it gets complicated.

When he was a senior in high school, Radomskiy believed he was set to play for the varsity baseball team at Chino Hills High School. He had performed when given opportunities the year prior, and believed he was ready to play a big role in the team’s quest to win a CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) championship. However, it didn’t turn out that way. After a baserunning mistake, Radomskiy found himself on the bench, where he would stay the remainder of his high school career. Feeling he had more to give to a team, he set out to find a college team to play for after he graduated in 2015.

Radomskiy at his senior day at Chino Hills High School

This is where the “as long as someone would let him put a jersey on” becomes important.

In the Fall of 2015, Radomskiy stepped on campus at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC), a junior college in Walnut, California. After a three-week tryout, he was cut without as much as a second glance from the coaching staff. He finished the school year out with the thought of transferring somewhere else the next year to continue his playing career.

In the fall of 2016, Radomskiy headed to Fullerton College in Fullerton California to try and make the team. He was given 7 at bats in 3 intersquad games and was again sent on his way.

Desperate, Radomskiy turned to the only junior college that had yet to close its tryouts, again ending up on the campus of Mt. SAC. As he stepped back on campus, and back onto that field, he tried to fight off the feelings of doubt that crept into his mind. Radomskiy made it through the entire semester-long tryout, where the number of players dropped from over 80 to less than 40. When the day of the final cuts came, Radomskiy still found himself on the outside looking in, again not making the team.

For a moment, Radomskiy wondered if he wanted to continue on this path. He had been cut from 3 teams in 2 years. He was finishing his associate’s degree, so junior college ball wasn’t an option. There didn’t seem to be many choices left for him.

He decided that he would give himself one more chance at finding a school. While playing in a developmental spring league, Radomskiy gathered film of himself playing and began to try to contact schools, hoping that one would give him the shot he desperately wanted. It was through this that he captured the attention of then assistant-coach at Presentation College Michael Dahl. Dahl quickly realized that Radomskiy had something special about him and made sure to reach out and make a good impression on the promising recruit. Radomskiy credits the school’s decision to promote Dahl to head coach as a key reason to his signing to Presentation College.

When he stepped on campus for the first time, it was much different than the two years prior. Instead of being filled with doubt, he felt confident. Someone had put their faith in him, and he was on a mission to prove them right. He was going to just put his head down and play.

It is safe to say that he has done exactly that.

He shined last year for the Saints, playing in 42 of the team’s 43 games. He hit his first college homerun against Waldorf University, a grand slam over the towering left-field fence at Forest City High School. He finished the season 5th in the NSAA in doubles and 4th in triples while carrying a .308/.414./.510 slash line with 3 HR and 29 RBI as well as 9 SB. He helped the Saints reach the conference championship game for the first time in program history.

Radomskiy hits a double down the left-field line in the NSAA Conference Tournament Semifinal Game against Mayville State University

He continued his success in the Sun-Belt Collegiate League in Tucson Arizona this past summer. He shined for the Tucson Kings and was selected to play in the league’s all-star game. He got to suit up and play in front of the thousands of fans that came out to watch.

Radomskiy has built upon his success from last season and is off to an even better start in his junior campaign. He broke the program record for RBI in a single game with 7 and hit his first homerun of the season against Bemidji State University on March 6th. He drove in all 3 runs of a 3-2 win over Concordia University (NE) the next day. He exploded against Dakota State University this past weekend, going 8-14 with 3 HR, 2 2B, and 9 RBI. His slash line is up to .312/.405/.583. He has already raised his HR total to 5 and is already up to 25 RBI on the season. He credits his tireless work in the cages to his level of success this year. “When I get on the field I just trust the work I put in this Summer. It’s something I can always fall back on.”

Radomskiy celebrates at home with teammate Angel Faras after his home run against Bemidji State University

It is one thing to see a player who has been supremely talented at their sport play at a high level. It is another thing entirely to see a player make something out of nothing and work hard until someone notices.

Baseball hasn’t always been kind to Johnny Radomskiy.

In fact, at times it has been downright cruel.

Johnny Radomskiy has never cared. He just puts his head down and plays.

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