Saints Go Recruiting to Webster

By Kyle Showalter

When you want a job done, and you want it done right, you make sure to send your best. That is why Dominick Martinez, Grace Mallory, Olivia Buckeye, and Alex Karp were sent to Webster Area High School on March 22nd in hopes of meeting the next great group of Saints.

The group of four made the nearly 60 mile drive to make sure that the students at WHS knew that if they chose to come to Presentation College that they would be met with opening arms and smiling faces. They made sure to give some friendly advice to the students about how to survive freshman year and the skills that they needed to be the best they can be both socially and academically as a college student.

Marie Mallory, a communications professor and counselor at PC, was in charge of overseeing the trip and knew exactly who she wanted to take with her. All four of these students had volunteered under Mallory’s watch before, at the Business & Communication Workshop put on earlier in March, and she came away impressed. “These four students did a great job interacting with the students then (at the last B&C Workshop) and seemed to enjoy it.”

When it comes to recruiting, Presentation College relies heavily of interacting with prospective students. These interactions allow the students to get a taste of what Presentation College can offer, and the four students chosen could not have done a better job.

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