The CLC Is the Place to Be

By Austin Ward

Presentation College offers a Career Learning Center (CLC) where students can receive help in any classes they may be struggling in. In addition to this, the CLC can help with building a resume, giving tips for having productive interviews, searching for potential internships, and most importantly, creating a path to success. There is a tutor for any curriculum and Sophia McDermott, Director of the CLC, can answer any question. This is what makes our CLC a great resource. The CLC provides sign-up sheets to designate specific times that can fit any student’s schedule.

In a recent interview with Sophia McDermott, she encouraged students to stop by the Career and Learning Center. She said the CLC offers many resources for students at PC. One resource that she would like to highlight is PC’s College Central Network Program. College Central Network (CCN) is an online database that provides job opportunities and internships all across the country. Not only can students search for jobs specific to their major, but they can also broaden their search by inquiring about other careers that may be closely associated with their majors. This is great for students who have a major that can take them into a variety of directions.

Along with searching for jobs and internships, there are many resources provided by the CLC to help students prepare for the job search process. Current students are able to upload resumes to be edited, watch podcasts on interview tips, videos on career tips, resume building and more! Please visit our CCN website to sign up, or meet with McDermott for help with login information. All students are preregistered and only need their PC email and ID to get started!

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