Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

By: Kilinoe Gora


Saints across campus, from the North to the East, laced up their cleats on Monday, January 29th to kick-off the intramurals tournament in the dome.

Teams of eight duked out some kickball action to start the games. The Mystery Gang dominated the event shutting out opponents in both their first and second games, outscoring the competition 18-0. Each of The Mystery Gang’s victories were celebrated with the playing of the teams anthem, “Good Vibes” by rapper Skippa Da Flippa. Dominick Martinez, a member of the winning team, commented, “[I’m] proud of the way we played. We played with a lot of intensity and a little bit of cockiness, but that’s okay.”

One team who fell victim to The Mystery Gang, the PC THOTTIEZ, attributed their misfortune to not having their whole team on board with the effort. After suffering a tough loss on Monday, freshman Bella Hansen said, “We can’t win with four people [trying]”. Hansen’s effort to raise the intensity within her team would prove unsuccessful as the THOTTIEZ would go on to lose again on Wednesday. Another member of the THOTTIEZ, Jerod Boswell, said, “We may suck, but at least we had good team work.”

Though the competition was a bit lopsided, the atmosphere in the dome did not match the tone portrayed by the scoreboard. Each play bread a new batch of smiles on the field, and at times, players were even rolling on the floor with laughter.

Following the kickball games came some heated matches on the soccer pitch. All but one team in the tournament was without an actual soccer player, and that fact is a clear explanation the results. That one team with actual players was incidentally made entirely of members of the Saints soccer programs, and they demolished every team they played. One member of the team, Parker Dweller, said, “It’s funny to see how awkward people can look playing soccer. [A lot] of them were running around looking lost.” This comment brought no hostility to the competition though, as most everyone who over-heard it admitted it to be true.

Next up for the saints intramural tournament is the dodge ball competition, which will take place on February 26th , and 28th. Come out and get involved!

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