Spotlight Saint: Inno Okoh

Spotlight Saint

By: Ivan Hostetler


This weeks Spotlight Saint is star freshman football player, Innocent Okoh, A.K.A “Inno.” Inno is from Inglewood, California and plays running back. After injuries were suffered by the top two backs on the depth chart in the first two weeks of last season, Inno became the starter.


What made you decide to come to PC?

“I decided to come to PC to continue my education and further my football career. I also wanted to attend a college with some of my closest friends.”


What has been the best part about PC?

“The best part about coming to PC has been hanging with the crew. I have met some really cool new friends that I would even consider my brothers.”


How do you feel the season went?

“The season went just okay but we could’ve played better if we didn’t have so many injuries that were crucial to our teams success.”


What do you miss most about home?

“I miss my family the most. My family means the most to me. I also miss all the different stuff there is to do back home. There is nowhere near as much stuff to do here in Aberdeen compared to California.”


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