PC Baseball: Working Hard

PC Baseball: Working Hard

Kyle Showalter

            The Presentation College baseball team has decided to no longer be content with mediocrity. The team, coming off a 14-win season, knows that to avoid another wasted spring, they will have to do whatever it takes to become better.

The Saints have gone about this by implementing something new this semester: 5:30 AM conditioning. This task has been a tall one for the players of the baseball team. Not only are they waking up and getting into the dome hours before the sun rises, but they are also pushing themselves to the limit physically. The conditioning days switch between a focus on agility, featuring stations like jump rope and ladder drills, and a focus on sprinting and endurance. These sprinting days focus on improving not only endurance, but the players’ explosiveness and sprint speed.

When asked about what part of the conditioning was tougher, waking up for conditioning or the conditioning itself, the answer was a mixed bag. Sophomore Johnny Radomskiy immediately responded, “Waking up, hands down.” This seems to be the consensus amongst the players on the team. However, freshman Uzair Shaikh summed it up best, saying “It’s really 50/50. The conditioning itself is hard, but getting up in the morning is also really difficult. It really takes both physical and mental toughness to finish this.”

These conditioning sessions aren’t all bad. Coach Mike Dahl does his best to make them as enjoyable as they can be. Implementing competitions between the players during the workouts has been very effective in getting the most out of his players while maintaining their positive mindsets.

The Saints also practice later in the day, beginning a two hour practice at three or five, depending on the week. The combination of conditioning and practice has the Saints feeling good about their season opener February 24th at Mount Marty College.

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