Culture Movement for Saints Baseball

Culture Movement for Saints Baseball

By: Colin Crandall


Shaping and developing “the culture” was the leading pledge from head coach Michael Dahl to his team throughout the fall. This year is a new beginning for the Saints Baseball program.


Following the conclusion of the 2016-17 school year, and the resignation of former head coach, Jesse Eikum, coach Dahl preached a new culture movement for Saints Baseball. The young program bought in to Dahl the moment that he was announced as the new head coach. With the start of this year’s fall semester, he immediately set the tone that change was coming to the program—and it wasn’t to be just on the diamond. Dahl challenged his team in the classroom, and through completing required hours spent in the library and at study tables, the team rose to the challenge and ended the semester with the highest GPA in team history, a 3.18. Of the thirty-eight men on the roster, twenty-nine of the student-athletes accumulated a 3.0 or higher, including fourteen of those with a 3.5 or above.


Throughout the fall, Dahl’s direction presented a heightened sense of intensity and competition within the team. Long practices were conducted after classes every day and were regularly paired with on-field conditioning. The conclusion of the Wing Series— an annual best-of-five intrasquad series at the end of each fall —brought the beginning of team lifting, which continued until finals week.


In the start of the spring semester, Dahl brought down the hammer and challenged the program physically. Once the team returned from winter break they were met with early morning conditioning/lifting along with afternoon practices. Through this preparation, Dahl and the rest of the team plan to show The North Star Conference, and whomever stands in their way, that the Saints are ready to shake things up.

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