Creativity is Key

Creativity is Key

By: Riggs Tann

            Standardized tests and exams are dominating classrooms these days, but we can’t lose sight of creativity in the classroom. Students dread going to class where they must listen to an instructor read a power point for two hours or answer a series of questions that they will never see anywhere other than a test. Teachers that find new ways to help students learn effectively become the heroes of the school.

Nicholas Provenzano, an online teacher for the Edutopia website said, “Standardized tests are a reality where I teach, but I still find creativity time for my students. I feel that it helps strengthen their other skills and is needed to develop well-rounded people.” Doing projects where students get to experience the topics first hand can help them remember the information easier. Every student learns in a unique way, so using various teaching techniques may help instructors more directly relate to a wider scope of students.

Open-ended projects are one of the best activities for peaking student interest in class. These projects allow students to pick their own topics, which creates opportunity for them to work on something that they find interesting and exciting. Students who are interested in subject matter are likely to invest more time in creating a quality final product, and will take more away from their research.

Allowing for creativity in the classroom is a key element in keeping students engaged. Keeping the interest of students and allowing them to learn in their own manner will help them to learn in the most effective way. This should be a priority for schools and teachers of all levels everywhere.

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