Aberdeen or Antarctica?

Aberdeen or Antarctica?

By: Dominick Martinez

            The month of January has produced some of the coldest weather Aberdeen has seen in decades. The lowest temperature recorded so far in 2018 was on New Year’s Day when it reached an astonishing -32 degrees. According to usatoday.com, Aberdeen is the sixth coldest city in the US, and the average low temperature by month is 1.5 degrees. With temperatures regularly falling to near— and often below —zero, it can be dangerous to spend too much time outside. Although the PC campus is not very big, students quickly find out that it doesn’t take long to freeze in those negative temperatures.

The winter weather can be unbearable if you underestimate how cold it is. Here are a few important tips for staying warm in those sub-zero temperatures. First off, never forget your coat. To be clear, a coat is not a hoodie or zip-up sweater; I’m talking about a full-on winter coat. A coat is essential for blocking out the piercing wind that constantly circulates through Aberdeen. Another helpful hint is to layer up. Wearing layers may not be the most comfortable thing to do, but it is the best way to stay warm in negative degree weather. Last, but certainly not least, it is important to remember to warm your up your vehicle ahead of the time that you are planning to leave your dorm or house. Nothing is worse than running late and walking out to your car or truck to realize that you have a layer of ice over your windshield. Warming up your car before driving can help keep your engine in good condition, and turning the defrost on can eliminate your ice problems—or at the very least make it easier to scrape.





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