Women’s Basketball—The Battle of Aberdeen

Women’s Basketball—The Battle of Aberdeen By: Josie Clemens   Aberdeen, S.D. – The two women’s college basketball teams in Aberdeen went face to face in an exhibition matchup on Monday, Jan. 15. The Presentation College women’s basketball team lost 54-94 to Northern State University at Wachs Arena during the “Battle of Aberdeen.” Before the game, … More Women’s Basketball—The Battle of Aberdeen

Creativity is Key

Creativity is Key By: Riggs Tann             Standardized tests and exams are dominating classrooms these days, but we can’t lose sight of creativity in the classroom. Students dread going to class where they must listen to an instructor read a power point for two hours or answer a series of questions that they will never … More Creativity is Key

Aberdeen or Antarctica?

Aberdeen or Antarctica? By: Dominick Martinez             The month of January has produced some of the coldest weather Aberdeen has seen in decades. The lowest temperature recorded so far in 2018 was on New Year’s Day when it reached an astonishing -32 degrees. According to usatoday.com, Aberdeen is the sixth coldest city in the US, … More Aberdeen or Antarctica?


painKILLERS By: Rikki Quintero             Suffering injury and possibly facing surgery is an obstacle that many athletes are forced to overcome at one point in their careers. Athletes faced with the challenge of that obstacle are subject to the risk of becoming addicted to the drugs they are prescribed after surgery. “Experts say the United … More painKILLERS