Raising the Roof, Elevating Community

Raising the Roof, Elevating Community

Finally, after a weeks worth of stretching and connecting seemingly endless amounts of tarp, the PC dome is inflated! Before we get carried away with the hectic practice schedules that are made possible through the strength of our winter-weather deflector, I would like to highlight something that I have noticed in my two terms of dome set-up. While the work of putting that monster up becomes rather tedious, as the cold wind digs its way into our bones in the hours we spend out on the field, the construction of the dome represents more than just our ability to practice during the harsh winter months in Aberdeen. The dome set-up is the most communal effort at PC every year, and carries a sense of connection throughout its process. The obstacles that are presented each year during the set-up are only conquerable through a combined effort from everyone who is out there, and that, to me, is a thing of beauty. We all live in the same little community, and sometimes take the tight-knitted aspect of our space for granted. However, for one magical week a year, everybody comes together to reach a common goal, and in each of the two years that I have been involved, I have felt closer to everyone at our school during that week than the rest of the year combined. Maybe it’s the fact that we are all convinced we may die of hypothermia while we are out there, maybe it is our desire as athletes to extend our ability to practice and hone our skills through the winter, but whatever it actually is, those grueling hours on the turf spent wrestling the tarp make all of the teams at PC seem like one massive, determined, and united group.

Along with showing us that we can do some pretty incredible things if we put our minds and efforts together, the dome set-up also creates the perfect opportunity for interacting with one another. For me, a guy who isn’t great at striking up a conversation with someone I’ve never met, the dome serves as the perfect ice breaker. For the whole week, at any moment, it is entirely appropriate to approach anyone and say, “Holy moly, it’s cold out here!” and that statement, which is agreed on by all, can lead to a full conversation that may just even lead to a new friendship (“holy moly” probably wasn’t the actual go-to phrase, but now that the dome is up, we’ve got to go back to being the saints that we all know we really are (insert winking face)). I have talked to more people in the combined days I’ve spent at the dome set-up than I have at any other school function outside of class, and I’ve got to say, I think that this school is full of a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky bunch of people and I am happy to have shared the experience with you all.

I know that we are approaching the end of the semester, and that everyone is susceptible to going through the motions and trudging through the halls every day, but I want to encourage everyone (myself included) to not let the communal connection made at the dome set-up fade away with its completion. We are all here for a reason, and we have the choice to make our time as students at PC whatever we want it to be. As a senior, my time is quickly running out, but I plan to make the absolute most of each of my moments left as a part of this community, and am hopeful that you will all join me in that endeavor.

Your Editor in Chief,

KC Proctor

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