Women’s Soccer: A New Chapter

Photo Credit: PC Athlectic Page

Women’s Soccer: A New Chapter

By: Georgia Brittan

The PC women’s soccer team has learned to overcome adversity and adapt to change in the wake of a new season with a new coach, Lance Gordon. The team currently has a win loss record of 3-10, with four games left to play. This is a substantial decline coming off last year’s success.

I interviewed team captain Brittney Cusick and head coach Lance Gordon about their thoughts on the season so far.

It is clear that the soccer team means a lot to Brittney. She said, “I’ve been here since the season started and since the soccer program started.” So, when asked about the record so far compared to last year, there was clear disappointment in her voice as she talked about the problems that the team is facing this year. She explained, “It’s a lot to do with communication, and people are in different positions.” Also, when asked about how the season has been with a new coach, Brittney mentioned that “it has been a very big adjustment for our team… we had to adapt to a new style of play.” She still had hope though that the team will pull through and have some success during conference games.

I sat down with Coach Gordon to get a feel of what this season has been like from his point of view. His goals coming into this season were “to not interrupt the team chemistry […], to try to make the seniors and the starters and the players as comfortable as possible, and try to maintain the success that we had last year.” He admitted that he was not so successful with his endeavors, but he is confident that looking forward to next year, with the addition of new recruits, the team can get back to being competitive and successful.

One of the changes that Coach Gordon wanted to make was the formation that the team plays. We spoke a bit about the formation of a 3-5-2, which means 3 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 2 forwards. This is a different formation to what the women’s soccer team had been playing previously. Coach Gordon explained, “I did want to change the formation, just because I think the 3-5-2 is probably the future of women’s soccer.” He said that he wanted to come into this season playing this formation. However, as it did not work out too well they altered it to play a 4-4-2. “You have to find the right people to fit into that formation, I don’t think we have them here right now.”

With having such a mature team this year, the team will look very new next season as 11 seniors will be graduating and new recruits will be brought in. Coach Gordon has a vision of playing the 3-5-2 formation with the right players to fit the right roles. He claims, “we need to kind of find that one center back who is going to take charge… and we just need to find a goal scorer.” It seems that with a disappointing record for the team this season, Coach Gordon is looking towards the 2018 season for some more success.

Both Brittany and Coach Gordon gave a detailed insight into what this season has been like so far, and what issues the team has had to deal with. It appears that the team is beginning to take some strides with overcoming their adversity and progressing further as a successful team. It will be interesting to see where the team goes from here, especially with so many players graduating at the end of this year. The team appears to have a lot of potential, and everyone that I have spoken to sounds very passionate about increasing the team’s success rate for the rest of the season, and next year.




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