Minneapolis Job Fairs – Take the Trip!

Minneapolis Job Fairs – Take The Trip!

By: KC Proctor

            The job market for college graduates is reportedly larger than it has been in recent years, which offers upcoming grads some reassurance of their futures in desired fields. However, while there may be more jobs available, competition remains, and the ambitious are those who will land the “dream jobs” after walking the stage. One opportunity that PC offers its students to jump start that ambition is affordable group visits to job fairs in Minneapolis. The school has offered tickets to students in each of the last two semesters for 85 dollars. The small fee covers travel, hotel costs, and a ticket and food voucher to a sporting event (the Spring ’17 trip attended a Timberwolves game, and the Fall ’17 trip attended a Twins game). The fairs have taken place in the stadiums which house each respective team, Target Field for the Twins, and the Target Center for the Timberwolves.

Over two dozen professional, semi-professional, and collegiate affiliated sporting programs/organizations have represented themselves with booths at the fairs, offering business cards and additional information regarding the multiple types of internships they offer in various fields of focus. From countless areas of communications and media, to business marketing and sales positions, there is ample opportunity for anyone hoping to enter a career field in the wide world of sports.

Many of us students on the PC campus have hopes of building a career around the sport that we love after our playing days come to an end, and these trips are a terrific opportunity to get a foot in the door.

Keep an eye out for another trip out to Minneapolis this Spring, and make your first ambitious move to acquiring your dream job after graduation.

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