Logan Weisser: Quiet Hero

Photo Credit: PC Athletic Page

Logan Weisser: Quiet Hero

By: Colton Hall


Blue collar. The Lunch pail worker. Old Reliable.

You’ve heard of guys like these before. The type of guy to show up for work, not say much, do his job, and leave. The kind of guy that doesn’t need or want accolades, publicity, or fancy parties thrown in his honor. The guy that could go almost unnoticed had it not been for his work.

Many would say that fits the bill on describing Logan Weisser. He doesn’t say much, and if he ever does there’s always a smile behind it. “My coaches put me in the best possible place to be successful. I love football, and I’m just looking to keep getting better, and helping my team win in the future.” Weisser explained.

The Frederick, South Dakota native has been having a great season and career for the Presentation College Football Team. Weisser currently leads the team in Receptions (54), and Touchdowns (7). “Megatron” was the team’s leading receiver in 2016 earning 1st team all-conference honors, catching 53 passes for 835 yards while scoring 14 touchdowns. Earlier in 2017, Weisser broke both the all-time receiving record for catches and Touchdowns. It’s only just a matter of time until the Junior owns the receiving yards record as well. “It was cool to look back at everything that my team and I have accomplished over the years. I will definitely have a lot of memories from my time here.” Weisser stated.

“Logan’s a great player, definitely can give a defense some major problems”, Head Football Coach Chuck Miesbauer said. “He’s a great young man. He always comes in, works, does his job and leaves. He doesn’t really say much, and he doesn’t want all the attention. I think he lets his play speak for itself.”

Junior Quarterback Austin Eggl, who is also having a career year stated, “It’s nice when you have a guy that can run around a defensive back or that can just go up and get the ball. He definitely opens up the game for other guys as well, and we all make each other look good.”

Weisser isn’t one for many words, but he is certainly one for winning. “That’s the goal, just like Coach Chuck said, 1-0 every week. We’ve just got to finish out the season strong and have a fun time doing it. As long as we have fun, success will follow.”



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