Dig Pink Fundraiser

Saints Dig Pink Fundraiser

By: Maddie Goetz

The month of October means something more to the Presentation College Saints Volleyball Team. This fall, the team made a goal to raise $1,000 for the Side-Out Foundation. Side-Out partners up with thousands of volleyball teams, players, coaches, and families across the country to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. The goal of the foundation is to give those that are fighting breast cancer more time with their families, and helping get closer to finding a cure. To celebrate the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, the volleyball team wore pink jerseys and decorated the gym with pink balloons and streamers. After having a bake sale, selling Dig Pink T-shirts, hosting a Dig-a-thon, promoting the fundraiser through social media, and accepting donations, the Saints volleyball team met and exceeded their goal, raising a total of $1,307.

Freshman volleyball player McKenzie Serfoss stated, “No one in my family has ever been affected or died from cancer, but that does not mean the girl next to me has never had anyone pass from her family. Or the girl across the net for that matter. I play not only for the cause but for everyone else who had someone pass from cancer.”

Junior Maddie Goetz – “I think it is important to raise awareness for this cause because at least one of my teammates or our opponents could end up with breast cancer. It can happen to anyone and if we can contribute even $1,300 to finding the cure, it’s something! My mother passed away from stage 4 breast cancer just last year, and I dedicate every game to her, but especially this month. I play for those who are fighting it, those who have passed, and those who will be affected by it in the future. I know she is in the stands cheering for me every game! I know she is proud of me, as well as my team. She is our own team angel.”

Coach Chelsey Albrecht – “Our Dig Pink Breast Cancer awareness match has been an annual tradition since 2008. It serves as a great opportunity to unite volleyball players all over the nation towards a common goal of raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Every year we dedicate this event to honor the memory to those who we have lost to this disease, rejoice in the survivors and celebrate the courage of those still fighting.”

*Photo credit: PC Flikr


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