What You Don’t “C” in the CLC

By: KC Proctor

Regina DuVal, director of the CLC, may be one of the most valuable – and overlooked – resources on campus. After seeking her out for an interview about what she does, I came to find that the “career” in “career and learning center” is all but completely disregarded by most of the student body.

When asked to define the first C in CLC, Mrs. DuVal stated, “The career aspect of the CLC is there to provide students with career counseling such as help formatting resumes, developing interview skills, and overall, helping them find jobs after graduation.”

One thing that DuVal hopes that students are aware of, since she cannot make anyone sit down to talk with her, is that there are job listings posted in the CLC, outside the café, and on the website that she has all of the students in her “first year experience” course sign up for.

She said, “The CLC serves its purpose, and the learning center is great, but the career part must grow with the college.”

Her ideas on growing the career section include: raising awareness of job postings and the website she signs students up for, linking the CLC with the Business Honor Society (Delta Mu Delta), and getting business leaders from around Aberdeen to be more engaged with PC so that students can gain experience prior to their graduation.

To anyone who is about to graduate, and may be getting nervous about what their next move is, or anyone who wants to get a leg up on life after PC: Make a visit to the CLC, and “C” what is out there for you!

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