PC Students Help Immigrant Population

PC Students Help Immigrant Population

By: Levi Peterson


One of the current classes at Presentation College is trying to make a direct impact on the community in Aberdeen. The course is called Intercultural Leadership, and it is a bit different than most of the others offered on campus. The class is essentially trying to help ease the transition for immigrants – or as the members of the class say, “New American’s” –  from countries like Somalia, for example, into Aberdeen. Over the last five or so years, Aberdeen has become a hub for New Americans due to the plentiful opportunities for work. Many New Americans that come to Aberdeen for jobs often struggle with finding housing, learning the laws, enrolling children in school, and the language barrier that they face in a new country. The Intercultural Leadership class is trying to help by gathering valuable information pertaining to life in Aberdeen, and presenting it in a useful way. The class is making brochures that will be available in multiple languages.

The brochures will consist of six different topics: Language, housing, labor, laws, education, and community fears. As you can imagine, a project like this is challenging, but will be rewarding.

KC Proctor is one student working on the project. When asked of his favorite part of the process so far, he said, “Sitting down with mangers from Molded Fiberglass [a workplace fond of hiring New American’s], because it made it seem like more than a class project because we were directly involving ourselves with professionals in the community.”

As the semester comes to an end, keep an eye out for the brochures around town to see the hard work that many students put in to making life easier for new members of the community.

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