PC Inside Look

By Camden Thomas

           In the 2017 spring semester here at Presentation College, a handful of students were given the chance to freely speak their minds via blogs on the college’s website. The blog is called “PC Inside Look”. It was launched on the website in February of 2017.  The students that are expressing themselves with their blogs were chosen in a field experience for their communications major, which gives them a unique opportunity to work on their specific communication skills.

The students that are a part of the blog are: Tatiana Navarro, Brianna Story, Bezhawn Hill, KC Proctor and Avery Hamilton. They all report their stories to the marketing coordinator here at PC, Andrew Hansen. So far, the bloggers have talked about sports, their lives on campus, and posted pictures about import aspects of their lives.

When asked about PC Inside Look, Hansen said, “[it] is used to show what life is like here at PC, and to give people interested in PC an inside look at student life.” “The five students are asked to give two blogs a week on anything that they want, then we post it to the website.” For their field experience, the chosen students are asked to not only make text blogs, but also photo blogs, and video blogs, which offers different perspectives on their lives.

This is just the start of PC Inside Look, and it looks like they would like to continue this tradition moving forward into the future. It is a clever way for anyone to get a feel of what life is like here on campus and could possibly be a way to get more prospective students into the school. You can check out all the blogs at http://www.presentation.edu/blog/

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