A Look At PC’s International Students

By Georgia Brittan

For a lot of people, going off to college means travelling out of the state, sometimes to the other side of the country. But for a small group of people at Presentation College, that journey is quite a bit longer. There are several students that have ventured from places like Australia, England, Ireland, and Italy to study and play collegiate sports. What would cause someone to move so far from home? Well, for most of the international students at PC, the sporting opportunities are far greater than anything back home, and it also gives them a reason to travel and make new life experiences. Cillian Fagan, an Irish student on the men’s soccer team, explained “I wanted to experience a different way of life, and have a new personal experience for myself.” For most of the students, this experience at college is their first time away from family and their first time living by themselves. Aaron Riccardi, an Australian student on the Soccer team, reflected fondly on the aspects of Australian life that he misses being away from home, the food, friends, family, and the warm weather. However, when asked about where he wanted to travel in the future there was a glimmer that appeared in his eye. For some, this experience sparks the “travel bug”, which urges them to travel to other parts of America and other countries.

The international students bring diverse cultures to PC, with their different ways of life, and their various attitudes. Even just hearing them speak around campus offers a kaleidoscope effect of different cultures being brought together. The relationships formed with people from all over the world can provide an opportunity and an excuse to visit another country. So, look out for them on Soccer field and the baseball pitch or listen out for them in the classroom.

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